Simple. Fast. Precise.


Acute intervention. Chronic patient management. Needle Guidance.

Action-oriented patient care. When physicians who use ultrasound at the point of care met with GE scientists, they asked for a system designed for immediate-action workflow, bright-room operation, and precise guidance… throughout the facility.


  • Patient Follow-up Tool –Easily image with technical consistency over time to evaluate a patient’s progress
  • Fusion –Overlay a previously acquired image with a live scan to help align the probe for imaging consistency during serial exams.
  • PDI Quantification –Precise imaging of neovascularization helps you objectively monitor conditions such as synovitis
  • Raw Data –Efficiently optimize images post-exam
  • Needle Recognition with gain –Helps you confidently visualize needle tip at target with the ability to adjust the needle intensity
  • New ultra-high frequency 10-22 MHz linear transducer – Helps improve diagnostic confidence during superficial imaging
  • New 1-5 MHz curved transducer –Penetration for large patients
  • New button probe –Programmable buttons on the transducer provides single-person control of a procedure
  • New High-Res PDI –GE’s exclusive tool for precise depiction of neovascularization to assist in early detection of inflammation
  • Ocular preset
  • 128 Channels
  • Cardiac transducers—transthoracic (TTE) and transesophageal (TEE)
  • B-mode image, Color Doppler, PW Doppler, Tissue Doppler imaging, and slow-flow Power Doppler Imaging (PDI) sensitivity
  • TruScan raw data processing with retro-spective adjustment of B-mode image and Doppler parameters. Raw Data allows flexibility to manipulate stored images, add annotations, measure, and optimize images – even after the procedure
  • Intuitive presets by procedure and body part – with the flexibility to create and save your own settings
  • Weight: Less than 4.5 Kg
  • Battery-operated, independent of main power supply
  • Internal image archiving or via wireless LAN